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Behind the scenes insider publicity secrets perfectly executed, most genius advertising, publicity and social media plays of the year. Want to know how to harness the power of social media, maximize publicity results, generate media buzz around the world? Here’s 7 Insider Publicity tips for the Buzz your Buzz could be like.


…many small businesses online have great logo’s but still don’t have a strong personal brand image associated with their company brand…they are already losing business and market share and are about to be left in the dust by the next generation of social media-preneur. Now more than ever, the explosion of online media has accelerated the need to create a personal brand identity. Businesses big and small, either do it or die and here’s why:


Tweet Here’s a quick video response to a blog post offered by our friend Andrew J Gay at Social Video ( There are loads of ways to use YouTube Moderator to get more media buzz and free publicity. It’s not just for political leaders and big business campaigns. There are endless applications for entrepreneurs, […]


Tweet Face it, no matter what business you’re in, your promotional future is video.  It doesn’t matter if you are branding yourself, your business, charity or whatever else you are trying to promote, nothing attracts like a video.  If you haven’t yet started a YouTube channel of your own and posted a video or two, […]