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At some point you’re faced with the crushing reality that your brand or web presence isn’t attracting the right clients or converting to profit. Do you need a brand overhaul? It can feel so overwhelming that it seems easier to throw up your hands, scrap it and start over. Here’s 5 key steps to redefine and re-launch.

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…many small businesses online have great logo’s but still don’t have a strong personal brand image associated with their company brand…they are already losing business and market share and are about to be left in the dust by the next generation of social media-preneur. Now more than ever, the explosion of online media has accelerated the need to create a personal brand identity. Businesses big and small, either do it or die and here’s why:


Want to know how to beat the competition and get publicity for who you are? Old-school marketing mentality says “position yourself in relation to your competition”. There’s a NEW Paradigm of Marketing Consciousness for Enlightened Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses