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Tweet Everyone wants to know the secrets of how to write a press release that gets read. Reviewing releases this week I was reminded of the ONE reason why ninety-nine percent of press releases fail – they bore people to death. The number one turn-off for any journalist is a press release that doesn’t get to […]


Anyone can generate publicity and create an international profile as an expert in their field without spending on pricey PR agencies. The question is, will it be good, bad, or an ugly waste of time and money. If you’re not sure if you can handle a campaign yourself? Here’s how to know when you need the help of a publicist.

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10 Easy Steps to Fast Free Publicity in less than 1 week ~ How to get “bums in seats” when your event is a week or two away, you have no budget, no firm dates, no information, no plan, and no one knows about you yet? We did it, so can you.

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