For almost 20 years, Stephany has helped entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, coaches and even prominent politicians to craft a message, get noticed and stand-out with their target audience. 

Have you transitioned from corporate life to industry expert?
Ready to re-brand, re-vamp, take your business to the next level?
Want to get profiled world-wide as the expert that you really are?

Let us show you the INSIDER SECRETS to create an image, brand it, market it and become a multi-media star.  

  • Lazer-focus your message
  • Attract the right customers
  • Become known as the expert you really are.

“Stephany helps you stand out in a crowd. Her genius in marketing and media coaching gets you outstanding results utilizing your best asset- You.” ~ Jennifer Cloake, Co-Founder DIYOnlineSolutions.com

Stephany is an author, speaker, entrepreneurial mom and all round creative-thinker.  She knows what’s its like to start-up a business, create a brand and launch new products.  Her career path has led her to be an Advertising Director for a National Magazine, Marketing/Sales Manager for Direct Sales Companies, Press Secretary to Political Leaders, Director of Public Affairs for Canada’s Leading Small Business Federation and Director of Policy for a $3.6 billion dollar Government Department.  Her experience has given her unique understanding from both business and consumer perspectives. 

“Seeing it from different perspectives helps you learn what messages, pitches and campaigns break-thru and get noticed.  Before you put out another press release that ends up in the G-file, get advice from someone that knows how to maximize multi-media and craft a message that gets people to act. ”

She has proven that almost anyone can go from nobody to internationally recognized expert virtually overnight.   In fact, she did it herself in 2004 when she launched a book and became a media darling as an international e-dating Expert and was recognized by CanadaNewswire for a Top 10 Most Viewed Press Release.   

“I figured if I was going to tell entrepreneurs that they could do it themselves, I’d better prove it to myself first.  If I can do it, you can do it.”

When it comes to marketing, media and publicity, she’s been there, done that, and shares the lessons that will save you time, energy and money.

“The MOST VALUABLE  lessons I’ve learned in nearly 20 years of
helping people promote their image, is that we are often too close to see
our stuff objectively.  For most entrepreneurs that’s a problem because we
tend to make the same mistakes and could be limiting our reach rather than
attracting our target market.  Even I get an expert second opinion on my own stuff.”

Stephany offers frank, honest, insightful, strategic advice. 

“You can think of me as a strategic advisor who helps you shine in the spotlight.  Some coaches are cheerleaders that take your money, make you feel good, and tell you everything want to hear, that’s not me.  I’m more interested in helping you lazer-focus your message, project the right image to the right target and get results.” 

Not your typical business advisor. 

“I’m not a cheerleader, I’m a cheer-promoter.  I will tell you raw, honest and  straight-up from an objective outsider perspective who you are attracting and what your target market likely to really think of you.  Then we’ll help you tweak what you’re doing for maximum results.  Of course, I am thrilled to cheer you on as you get the recognition you deserve and take your business to next level success. ” 

You CAN Get Thousands of Dollars Worth of FREE Profit Generating Publicity… Really. It’s easier than you think.

YOU CAN do it, we can help.

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